"Wow this is good!" Steak Pizzaiola

Back to the freezer. A few weeks back I purchased 2 Porterhouse steaks. But we never got to putting them on the grill. So I made Steak Pizzaiola. My mom made this quite often. But let me tell you, making it with Porterhouse steaks really brings it up a notch. The meat melted in our mouths.

Spray baking pan with cooking spray (this make the clean up much easier). Take your steak and place in the pan. Top the steak with marinara sauce. I used Sugo di Pomidoro Marinara Sauce. I saw this brand on the of Giada De Laurentiis show. Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, we like our meat medium (me) to medium well (Chris). And that is all there is to it!

I made polenta with Fontina Cheese mixed in.

3 cups water
1 teaspoons salt
1 cups yellow cornmeal

1 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 cup diced, or shredded Fontina cheese

Bring 6 cups of water to a boil in a heavy large saucepan. Add 2 teaspoons of salt. Gradually whisk in the cornmeal. Reduce the heat to low and cook until the mixture thickens and the cornmeal is tender, stirring often, about 15 minutes. Turn off the heat. Add the butter and cheese, and stir until melted.

Steamed Spinach finished off the plate.



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I am a graphic/web designer. When not at work I love being in the kitchen. It brings back good memories of all the great cooks in my family who are no longer with us. Sometimes when my husband comes home he will say our house smells like an Italian restaurant. I know of no greater compliment.
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4 Responses to "Wow this is good!" Steak Pizzaiola

  1. Velva says:

    You had a great steak brought up a notch. I hope you enjoyed this dish with a good glass of wine. 🙂

  2. Yes of course we did! Colosi Sicilia Rosso 2006. A nice wine for under $10.

  3. Kim says:

    This looks delicious Lucia! I have always wanted to make this and it is still on my list!

  4. Miranda says:

    You are so wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to find websites that I can use.
    I love steak pizzaiola. Maybe this can be my first meal in my new small kitchen!

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