Cavatelli with onions and zucchini

I had a bag of Cavatelli in the freezer from the batch I made on Mother’s Day. I had Zucchini, Vidalia Onion and some Ricotta Cheese… Sounds like a quick dinner to me. The dinner was made in 20 minutes. Okay Chris had the water on the stove before I walked in the door but still that is a pretty good time to get dinner on the table.
The onion and zucchini were thinly sliced and sauteed in olive oil and a knob of butter. Cavatelli was added to boiling water. About a half cup of pasta water was added to the saute pan along with some ricotta cheese. The Cavatelli was added to the saute pan and the dish was seasoned with Parmesan Cheese, crushed red pepper, salt, pepper, parsley and thyme (my favorite herb!).

We have tomatoes! Small but we have high hopes!

About butiamlucia123

I am a graphic/web designer. When not at work I love being in the kitchen. It brings back good memories of all the great cooks in my family who are no longer with us. Sometimes when my husband comes home he will say our house smells like an Italian restaurant. I know of no greater compliment.
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2 Responses to Cavatelli with onions and zucchini

  1. Debi says:

    How the hell do you already have tomatoes?? My lord. Good for you. The cavatelli looks great. Did it live up to your expectations?

  2. Surprisingly it did! I walked in the house not really knowing what I was going to end up with. I barely have enough leftovers for lunch…

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