Wow what a crazy week it has been. I was shocked when I realized I had not posted all week! We did eat this week. Not a lot of great culinary achievements but they were decent dinners. And I took photos…

Big Salad and Steak, Onion and Cheese Tart

Hot Dogs and Baked Beans

Let’s order Pizza!
Did take time to smell the flowers!
And visited my Dad’s garden…
  Possible problem with the grape this year!
  But the Blackberries are coming in strong!
Yes Heidi, there will be Blackberry Vodka for Christmas!
 Is that a fig?
 Now that is a fig!
 Back at home Archie is wondering where his are his treats!


About butiamlucia123

I am a graphic/web designer. When not at work I love being in the kitchen. It brings back good memories of all the great cooks in my family who are no longer with us. Sometimes when my husband comes home he will say our house smells like an Italian restaurant. I know of no greater compliment.
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2 Responses to Catching-Up

  1. Jeanne says:

    Lucia where did you get the pizza the meatless one looks delicious did you drink a wine or beer with it?

  2. Hi Jeanne. We got it from Petrillo's in Madison, they deliver. The meatless one is the Florentina! And it was very good. And we had wine!

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