Caramelized Pork and Sweet Potatoes & Baked Onions

Lets start with the Caramelized Pork and Sweet Potatoes. I found this recipe at We loved this. The pork was so flavorful. My thought is if you put Dijon Mustard on anything it will be good!


Now on to that onion. I found this recipe at Onions Baked with Rosemary and Cream. Neither of us had ever had a baked onion. What an amazing thing. It melts in your mouth. But one large onion was too much for both of us… don’t worry I have plans for the leftovers. Stay tuned!


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I am a graphic/web designer. When not at work I love being in the kitchen. It brings back good memories of all the great cooks in my family who are no longer with us. Sometimes when my husband comes home he will say our house smells like an Italian restaurant. I know of no greater compliment.
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  1. Che belle ricette complimenti!

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